Kirei Technology Services

At Kirei Technology, our support doesn't end with the game design. We also provide pay tables and full statistical proofs for all of our products. Do you want to modify the pay table to be more aggressive? No problem! We design statistical models for all of our products that allow for simple pay table modifications.

Kirei Technology offers unparalleled IT support for our products. We have the expertise to interface with your existing hardware and software. From simple web-based prototypes to show your focus groups, to integrating games into your machines, we have the talent within our IT staff to assist you through every step.

In this business, dedication is the name of the game. Watching our games succeed is why we are in this business. We love the gaming industry and we believe in our products. When you work with Kirei Technology, you are working with a company dedicated to your success.

Our staff has expertise in unconventional math. In designing our games, we have had to develop complicated math models to make the games work. We are math geeks who enjoy solving complex problems.
If you are a game developer who needs help in calculating pay tables or machine hold, please contact us. We welcome the challenge.