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James Krynicky


James is an expert in corporate logistics. He followed his fathers path in the IT industry. After developing a reputation as an expert in the IT industry, James moved to Las Vegas to study the gaming industry. Currently, James is guiding Kirei Technology business operations. He is also working with Joseph on an exciting new video poker game. Stay tuned!

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Joseph Krynicky

Director, Game Design

Before entering the gaming industry, Joe spent over 30 years in Information Technology management in the entertainment industry. Later, he consulted on IT projects for Fortune 500 companies. He received a mathematics and Operations Research degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Last year he won an award as SQL innovator of the year from SQL Server Magazine for his work on calculating optimal strategy for video poker games. With over 40 years experience identifying and solving problems he now brings his unique business and mathematics skills to creating exciting innovative products for the gaming industry.

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Jason Krynicky

Manager, New Technology Development

Jason joins Kirei Technology after a long career in the hospitality industry. He will be utilizing the latest technologies to develop high performance tools for use across the enterprise.

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Andrew Krynicky

Director, Technology

Andrew brings over 10 years of technology experience to Kirei Technology. Andrew honed his skills on several projects in both the private and public sectors and now brings his talents to us. He will provide technical direction for new products and web-based services. Currently, Andrew is preparing a new Kirei Technology the new gaming platform

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