Kirei Technology

A Note From Kirei

The Future of Gaming

The gaming industry is experiencing an exciting period of change and explosive growth. What was once a niche market with a seedy reputation is now a respected industry with major corporations leading the way.

Gaming is now a major funding source for state and local governments. With the need for more government services growing every year, we see the gaming industry experiencing explosive growth in the decade ahead.

While technology improvements over the past decade have helped grow the industry, new technology will accelerate the development of new games. In particular, server side delivery of new products and the use of mobile devices as a major platform is drastically reducing the overhead involved with new game development. It is now possible to eliminate much of the hardware costs and concentrate development on the gaming software. More games will be put on the market, and more popular games will be able to expand their market penetration faster while less popular games and niche games can find a revenue generating audience.

With more people spending their leisure time gaming, there is an increasing need for new products. These new products are necessary to keep players excited in gaming and to prevent players from feeling as if the industry is stale.

Kirei Technology exists to fulfill these needs and create innovative products that will satisfy the needs of the industry.

A Note from the CEO

At Kirei Technology, we are proud of what we do. We take pride in the quality of our games and products. It is our mission to provide our customers with service and support that is second-to-none in the gaming industry.

From the day we started this business, we committed to becoming experts in all aspects of the gaming industry. Now, we want to bring our experience and enthusiasm to you, our client.